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Our Profession

logistic services is what we passionate about. We promise exellent delivering and on-time service in the most cost effective and efficient way. By understanding your needs and wants through intelligent technological analysis of the best methodologies, we provide a customized solution that fits both your financial and delivery needs. By adopting an holistic approach, we create optimized solutions that integrate projects, vessel agencies, custom clearing and forwarding, transportation, warehousing systems and processes.

Custom Clearance

Our services

All logistic services under one house, Gulf Ports

Freight Forwarding

We have made freight forwarding
activities all under your hands

Custom Clearance

We are well-known
custom clearance is our excellence


We delievr your goods
to any location in Saudi Arabia


We get the ideal warehousing
solutions just for you

Think together. Move together. Success together

Gulf Prts Co.

Why to choose us

We know how thnings done proporly in a way that makes you satisfied.
We value your time and resaourses. Your success is our sucess

Why to choose us

Unlike some agencies, we’re transparent about all the costs to you upfront!

We don’t try to hide any nasty shocks that you’ll get later on. We analyze

what you need and break down costs so they’re easy for you to understand.

We ensure that we are capable to provide you a high quality of service to release your shipment from port in a record time if you provide us with all required documents in an appropriate time

To release your shipment, we deal with, Freight Forwarding Agencies and Saudi Custom. Thus, we gain a professional team who are experts in forwarding agencies' requirements, so that they are capable to collect your D/O from the shipper at a record time. Then, they hand it to our office team to inter all your shipment info. Into Saudi Custom to print out the initial Customs declaration. Finally, the operational team handle the final process ith Saudi custom inside the port to release your shipment.

Our customer services team shall be in contact with you every single day after receiving your shipment documents until we release it from the port. You shall receive a daily report showing in which step is your shipment in and and if there any extra requirement from Freight agencies or Saudi Custom to release your shipment. There must be a strong cooperation between our and your port Representative if you are importing Chemical items and food and drugs items.

We offer free advice regarding your shipment. We know that sometimes you may not understand technical points about custom clearance in Saudi Arabia, so that we can answer all your inquiries regarding custom clearance, transportation, and warehousing

Forms & Documents

various documents and forms that help you to fulfill all official requirements
Download them and start ease your work


Letter of authorization.

Personal Ath.

Letter of Persoanl authorization


Letter of Updating Data

Not to Act

Pledged of Not to Act


Pledged of Payment Method

Original Doc.

Pledged of Original Documents

Proof Origin

Pledged of Indication of Origin